PinExt - Who Is DeMario's Ex Lexie? We Investigate

lexie - Who Is DeMario's Ex Lexie? We Investigate

It only took two episodes for Rachel to send someone home sans rose ceremony on . Why do I have a feeling she’ll be slicing through these dudes like I cut off Bumble matches?

I kind of thought DeMario had the panache and confidence to take him to the hometown dates, but as it would turn out, he only had that inflated sense of unearned confidence typically reserved for white males because he had a side piece he *thought* he could go home to if things didn’t work out with Rachel. It’s like when you get ghosted, but you don’t really care because you’ve been making out with your ex for the last six weeks.

Anyway, Lexie the Ex-ie came in like a bodysuit- and scrunchie-clad wrecking ball to ruin DeMario’s 15 minutes of fame on Monday’s episode of .

I honestly think Rachel was blindsided by the whole thing, as evidenced by the fact she told Chris Harrison she didn’t want to talk to him after she sent DeMario packing. Instead of trying figure out if Lexie was a plant, though, let’s get to the real issue here: Was Lexie DeMario’s girlfriend or just a hookup?

Enter into evidence article 1: DeMario’s weird-ass reaction when he saw Lexie. First homeboy was all like, “Ohhhhhh!” But then he realized he might need plausible deniability with whatever she was going to say so he immediately turned to the “Oh my goodness, who is this girl?” actan act which he immediately gave up on after like, two seconds. He knew he was in trouble from the start of that whole situation.

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Enter into evidence article 2: The text messages. Like Taylor Swift getting called out by Kim Kardashian West on Snapchat, once somebody has the receipts, it’s pretty much game over. Like, how do you come back from that? In those texts he called her “babe” and said he would try harder to be a better boyfriend and introduce her to his friends and family and shit. I just don’t feel like someone you had a short-lived thing with would have texts from you saying you’d “try harder” in the relationship. I mean, I know guys can talk out their ass, but if a dude wanted to just hit it and quit it, if you called him out he would probably just ghost your ass right then instead of waiting until he got invited to an After The Final Rose taping. Hookups are around for fun, not drama. DeMario was putting up with too much drama for it to be super casual.

Side note, if you’ve been seeing a guy for six months and you haven’t met any of his friends or family members, you need to not be with that guy. He’s keeping you in the dark for a reason and that reason might be that he’s going on a reality TV show to date someone who is not you.

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Anyway, back to the facts. The facts point to DeMario taking this poor girl’s house key. Which he allegedly “mailed back”. I can’t imagine what kind of hookup would be so bomb that when a person offered you their house key you took it. If I just hooked up with someone and they gave me their key I would be freaked the fuck out. That’s creepy. That’s not something you do unless you’ve been hitting it on the reg and there’s some sort of trust there aka you’re in some sort of relationship. Like, you don’t have to trust this person with your life, but at the same time you don’t want your TV stolen.

Also, let’s just mention how DeMario has like, 6 Instagram pictures. This is a sure sign he deleted his past account to start clean before he made his TV debut. I don’t believe a guy as into himself as DeMario just got an Instagram. It was actually probably a pretty smart move because it allowed him to hide any past relationships he definitely wanted hidden, i.e., the one with Lexie.

So here’s what happened. Lexie definitely she was in a relationship with DeMario, who obviously viewed her as the side piece. In the end, poor Lexie and her scrunchie got ghosted by a fuckboy and she had to explain to all her friends why her boyfriend was now on and she’ll have to answer to jokes about her scrunchie until the end of time. So in the end, she played DeMario while also playing herself. Everybody loses, except Bachelor Nation. Thank you, Chris Harrison.

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