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Think you know everything about Friends ? Think Rachel and Ross was completely means to?

Think again, since this passionate Twitter ranting argues that Rachel and Joey should have ended up together all along.User @ kaneandgriffin, whose name is Claire, get tired of people hating on the Rachel/ Joey storyline, so she gifted the Twitterverse a 100 -tweet-long thread defending the pairing.

Buckle up for a long travel into Friends . These are the highlights.

First, Claire argues in defense of Joey as a genuine friend.

Next, she demonstrates that Joey actually developed as a character and desire concern for Rachel in ways that Ross never did.

And guess who supported Rachels career all along?

As for Ross

It stimulates so much sense that Rachel and Joey did what the best couples dothey constructed each other up.

Rachel and Ross , not so much.

The conclusion?

Claire told BuzzFeed she has shipped Rachel and Joey for a very long time, and she was never happy with the lane the series ended.

Apparently there are a lot of people who support her theory.

” I supposed I was talking to about 10 people, then I finished the thread and had almost 800 new notifications. There are clearly one tonne of stealth Rachel/ Joey shippers out there !” Claire, the user behind the epic, told BuzzFeed.

Read the whole weave here.

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