PinExt - Zarsson Smart GPS Watch, Personal Spy GPS Tracker GSM Bracelet Smartwatch For Kids With SOS Alarm Support Android & IOS SIM Card Wristwatch (Pink)

*** SIM CARD is not included***

1.It is a smart GPS watch tracker for kids.
2.It is a global GPS device, working all over the world.
3.It is compatible with android and iOS for phone APP, you can also view it on web page.
4.It can track 2 or more devices at the same time for group management.
5.300mA battery inside, 2hours fully charged.
6.GPS positioning data in 3 working modes, 8 hours standby time for fast tracking every 1 minute, 48 hours standby time for standard tracking every 10 minute, 72 hours standby time for energy-saving tracking every 1 hour.
7.Available 5 phone numbers in the whitelist, only phone numbers in the whitelist and admin number can make a call to the device.
8.Maximum 10 contact numbers can be setup in phonebook.
9.It has a take-off alarm, will send alarm notification to the phone APP when it is left the kid’s wrist.
10.Supported listening in the smart GPS watch’ surrounding without any consciousness.
11.It need a micro SIM card support 2G GSM network with voice, sms and data plan. Usually 30M data every month is ok, very money-saving.

In United States, compatible micro SIM cards are as below:
1.T-mobile SIM card, Ting SIM card and TPO Mobile SIM card
2.SpeedTalk Mobile Card, it is a $5 plan with any combination of 250(talk) or 250(text) or 250MB(Data) for 30days of use.
Where to choose the phone plan for SpeedTalk Mobile Card:

incompatible SIM cards includes:
ATT, Sprint and Verizon etc.

You had better go outside to have a good signal receiver, if indoor, it may reply a little later and confuse you.

You must get your APN for your SIM card in the device to activate it online, then it can communicate with the APP, or else it can not work!

Customer service:

Product Features

  • 1.Live / Realtime tracking: supports both GPS and LBS dual positioning, GPS is main for outdoor position and LBS is main for indoor position. You can track your kids via Google Map on the phone APP, or via high accuracy and high speed platform on internet web page.
  • 2.3 Months historical route: Keeps a record of the historical route of your kids for 3 months, parents can know when and where the children have been before, to have a better understanding of your love.
  • 3.Geo fence: After the geofence is set up, you can get alert notice when the kids go out of the range or come into the range, which will secure the kids’ safety and keep you a peace of mind.
  • 4.Voice call and message: with call buttons and two way voice communications, the kids can make a call and talk with parents whenever and wherever they want, you can also dial your kids, you can send voice messages to kids via phone APP, your kids can also send you voice messages via watch’ record button.
  • 5.This item is authorized with FCC and CE certification, full 1-year US warranty and lifetime technical support provided directly from Zarsson. (customer service:

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